Pence Hall: Elements and Principles

Pence Hall is located in central campus and is now home to the College of Design. It was built in 1909 and was originally used for Physics and Civil Engineering. It was named to honor Merry Pence, the chairman of Physics department and the designer of the building.

Today Pence Hall looks like this:

Drawing from Hersey’s thesis, the classical elements of Pence Hall create a story of why the designers and architects constructed their building the way they did.

Some classical elements and principles they used were:

Shape- The designers used a geometric shape to construct this building

Size-The size of the building is fairly large. At the time this was being constructed, physics was an up and coming topic that held importance or status.

Direction-The direction of the lines of the building are horizontal.

Color-The designers chose to use a red brick with accents of grey cement for around the front entry and windows.

Balance-The building is very symmetrical which creates an equal balance. There is the same amount of windows on either side of the center entrance.

Repetition-The windows are placed in a repetitious manner.

Contrast-The color of the cement that is used to accentuate the windows and the front entry contrast with the red brick.

Harmony- The building as a whole, has similar shapes and lines which create harmony.


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