As we see in the reading about the styles of homes In the 1600’s through the 1825, the styles evolve and seem to follow some sort of cycle. The three styles are Early (1640-1780), Georgian (1720-1780), and Federal (1790-1825). These styles were very popular throughout much of the east coast during these times but we also see some of these styles in our homes today.

One social revolution that is happening today would be the phenomenon of Facebook. This has not only taken our country by storm but the whole world. This is a whole new way of communication and interaction.

Some links to the design cycle would be:

Revolution- With Facebook there was a drastic change in social media. Facebook changed the way people interacted not only with their close friends, but now could maintain relationships with people across the world.

Revival- There was a renewal of interest with social interaction, everyone wanted to be “connected”.

Reformation- Also with Facebook, there was a change for the better. Now many future employers will look at people’s facebook pages to see if their character lives up to their company’s values and standards.

Cycle- Facebook is including in the social media cycle. First is started with MySpace, the Facebook, and now there are newer social medians such as twitter and Instagram. All of these things fall into the cycle, they are always changing and evolving.


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