Revolutionary Furnishings

Our country has a lot of rich history and design for only being around for just a little over two hundred years. Just like in all civilizations in history, their design ideas are derived from prior civilizations. It is interesting to see where our American design derives from.

In the colonial times, much of the design derived from the British and French. They used a lot of woods. Much of the wood was regional to the town or located it was being constructed. Some designs of the wooden chairs had intricate carvings or cutouts and the feet were clawed. The people in the colonial times took a lot of pride in their work and craft. Most homes did not have brand new furniture, most families used furniture for many generations. Probably due to the fact it was made so well, unlike some of our furniture today.

The interesting thing about the colonial design was how the design changed from prior to the American revolution and after. After the revolution, a lot of the furniture strayed away from the British design and solely focused on the preferences of the thirteen colonies.


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