Revival and Reform

Through the centuries of time, there has been a repetition of “revival” and “reform”. This occurs in so many different aspects of our lives, such as personally, socially, politically, globally, and also within design.

Within design, “revival” means a sense of rebirth of a certain style. In the early years of the Americas, there was a revival of the Grecian style within the architecture as well as a small revival of gothic style.

Also within design, “reform” means a way of changing things for the better, more purposeful or functional.

Sometimes there was a need to reform from a designer’s perspective because they only designed something for the surface and left out substance. The designs needed to be more functional and innovative rather than just looking neat.

In this time of the start of the industrial revolution, there was a high demand to make things in mass production. This was a shift in many new materials that could allow for things to be mass produced. There was also a global viewpoint on the world. Now there are more trade routes than ever, which brought many new materials and styles into the Americas. All of these things combined made designers reform their ideas. There was a notion that if you could borrow from Greek and Roman, you can borrow from anywhere.


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