Throughout history, finishes have made an impact on environments. It not only created an interior to support the lives of those living there but they also create a window for future observers to understand their culture, beliefs and society. As civilizations rise and fall, we see repetition of certain finishes within their environments.

During Pre-historic times, the people would create wall paintings along the earthen walls. They would use their hands or other handmade tools to create these paintings. They utilized the painting not only for decoration but as a way for storytelling. During this time, written language was nonexistent so they would draw along the walls to tell stories, teach lessons, and express themselves. Similarly, the Greeks utilized walls to tell stories. The Greeks created frescoes, a technique that uses wet plaster applied to walls. They created these beautiful frescoes within their interiors. In many instances, the frescoes depicted elements relating to the sea. They would utilize motifs of waves, resembling the sea, and vibrant colors of blues and greens. For the observer, this creates a story of their strong connection to sea.




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