Gratz Park Inn + 21c

From the ancient times to present day, there is a connection between the finishes of our environment and how we experience the space. After observing Gratz Park Inn and 21c here in Lexington, KY, we see two very distinct environments largely contrasting in tradition and modernity.

Gratz Park Inn was tradition and classic in every aspect. The wooden floors, wallcoverings, and traditional furniture pieces created an experience that was welcoming and inviting. It almost had the feeling as if I was walking into someone’s home, very personal and private. The front desk  of the lobby is a little hidden at first, with no signage or wayfinding.


On the other hand, 21c located downtown was a breath of fresh air. It had such a unique modern flair as soon as you walked into the building. Viewers are greeting by this enormous light installation hanging above from the ceiling and really sets the mood for the environment. But with all of the modern renovations of 21c the designers were able to capture some of the original finishes and preserve them. 21c exhibits a great fluidity between preserving the historic and modernity. It really is a captivating, inspiring place.


image1-2                                      image2 (1).JPG


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