US7: Finishes

Our environments have the ability to affect our behavior and create experiences. One of the most influential aspects of our environments are finishes. As harsh surfaces with neutral colors creates an unwelcoming space, an environment with plush soft finishes and warm colors creates a welcoming comfortable space.

Similarly, finishes can create experiences in the sense that they are able to tell  a story. They allow viewers to gather a sense of their beliefs values and culture. One motif that is still extremely relevant today, is the greek key. Used in the ancient times, the Greeks would utilize finishes throughout all their interior environments. The Greeks being people of nature, many of their finishes were natural and depicted elements of the natural world. The sea was a huge part of their life, so in honor and remembrance of this close connection to the water, many of their finishes resemble waves. The Greek key resembles the wave, the fluidity and continuation of life as well as the repetition of symmetry and balance, highlighting the important elements of greek culture.



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