CS8: Furnishings

The Boston Public Library in Copley Square was opened in 1895 and was designed by the architect Charles McKim. When it first opened it was proclaimed a “palace for the people.” Most notably is the reading room. Here the renaissance revival style can be experienced. There is an abundance of natural light streaming through giant arched picturesque windows. There is repetition of line through the arches along the ceiling plane that complement the coffered ceiling. Below is an image of a table furnishing that would be appropriate for this time period and location.


This image of a trestle table emulates the renaissance revival style. This long horizontal working surfaces places emphasis on repetition of line. The carved solid wood ends of the table show great detail. As visitors of the Boston Public Library are conducting there work and research in the reading room, this table would be ideal. Roughly 10′ in length, a large scale, it provides a sturdy working surface that also gives a flare of status and importance. The solid is a material of substance, giving some weight and depth to the furnishing. All of these components and elements reflect the style of this time period and create a unique experience for visitors.


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