Unit 9 Summary

Representation can take many forms and media. In this unit, representation can be loosely defined as the portrayal or description of someone or something; a way to express identity. The sharing of design and knowledge can be greatly influenced by images, text, drawings, and other digital devices.

World’s Fairs are a huge influence of representation on a global level. Every few years a nation will host people from all over to the world to showcase the latest technology, design, and innovation. It is a way for countries to represent themselves and share with the world their newest advancements. It is an opportunity to come together and celebrate culture and design.

Likewise, various century old paintings observed during this unit are vital representations of the values, culture, and technological advancements during the time. It is a way to express identity and thoughts of the ever-evolving state of society and the built environment. It may be the personal thoughts of the artist or it may be the collective thoughts of the community and the artist has the ability to express how those thoughts should represented and expressed.

Representation has a great deal of influence that further continues the conversation of design. Through various medias such as writings, drawings, paintings and digital sources have a large impact on the sharing of design.



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