Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs has various levels of needs that when you obtain each level you are then able to reach self-actualization. The first Level of need consists of Physiological needs such as food and water. The image on the left of various fruits, is a source of survival. A basic human need for all. Not until the second level of needs does Maslow introduce as Safety. The image on the right shows a thatched roof hut, vital for shelter and safety. At the basic level, there is no need of lavish furnishings and finishes. The hut shelter creates privacy, warmth and comfort from the harsh elements of nature. Materials such as straw and hardened earth or mud are used to construct the walls and roof structure. The large opening allows light and fresh air to enter the space. The finishes and furnishings inside would probably be consistent of the materials used on the exterior. The fruit and the hut, demonstrate Maslow’s first 2 levels of Needs, Physiological and Safety.


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