Anthropometry is the scientific study of the measurements  and proportions of the human body. These measurements greatly influence architecture and design. With this vital information, the evolution of comfort status and craft is able to create innovative and dynamic designs. Anthropometrics also brings life to universal design. Universal design is the design for all, which encompasses ADA and beyond. The study of the proportions of the human body help better inform how designs can enhance comfort, functionality and accessibility.

Charles & Ray Eames have been on the forefront of innovative designs and the study of how the human body interacts with architecture and design. The classic Lounge Chair designed by Eames, addresses comfort, anthropometrics and ergonomics. The base is sleek and minimal to not hinder the functionality of the chair. Most commonly known for their manipulation of wood, the molded plywood is prominent in the Lounge Chair as it curves and forms to the human body. The seat base rests at the perfect seating position and allows users to recline to an appropriate angle to ensure the upmost comfort. The arms of the chair allow for users to rest their arms at the natural height while reclining. Likewise the head rest is at the perfect height for users to rest their head with ease. The ottoman also considers anthropometrics as it is slightly lower than the seat base to ensure comfort while users are propping up their feet.



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