Branded Environments

As we experience space, often times the environments that are the most memorable are the environments with strong branding strategies. Successful brands are able to implement their concept in almost every aspect of their company. Brands such as REI are known for their unique identity, as their branding concepts are carried through their products, store designs, and business practices. For those not familiar, Recreational Equipment, Inc, commonly known as REI is a retail and outdoor recreation services corporation. They sell anything from camping gear, sporting goods, to travel equipment and clothing. The REI brand is unique in the sense that they are able to stay true to their concept values. Truly unique is their ability to let their branding identity shine through as their clients experience their stores. With the use of elements and principles, the store designers consider the exterior as well as the interior experience. By bringing elements of texture, raw materials including woods, stone, and metal, users are able to gain immediate connection to the outdoors and natural environment.

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Branding can also be experienced through the principles of scale and proportion. The image below is an interior view of an REI location in Denver, CO. As you can see, there is emphasis upon a large climbing rock wall. Similar to outdoor travels, visitors can experience what it would be like to explore enormous rock formations and experience that relationship of human scale compared to the big open wilderness.



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